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Annual Convention (Muktamar)

At the end of each year, efforts are made to gather as many participants as possible to attend this major event. Speakers are invited among ulama (scholars) and representatives of Islamic movements from all over the Muslim World. In addition, participants are exposed to current issues of the country in numerous forums and discussions with invited guests from Malaysia and Indonesia. The convention is the peak activity of MISG for the year.
  • Muktamar MISG 1997
  • Muktamar MISG 1998
  • Muktamar MISG 1999

    Annual Delegates Conference (ADC)

    The Annual Delegates Conference is usually held near the end of Spring. It is an intensive leadership training program where invited participants from central and zonal leadership, and representatives from campuses meet to outline work plans and to update ongoing projects.

    Summer Training Camp (STC)

    Summer training camp are held at several location. Activities include talks, sports and recreation. In addition, participants are exposed to useful skills such as writing, public speaking, first aid, child care and many more*. Attendance is open to all invitees. ( * Program vary from one location to another.)
  • STC 2001
  • STC 2000
  • STC 1999

    Other Training camps

    These camps are usually called tamrin daurah or tamrin mukhayyam. The program is held at zonal level and stresses more on individual and family development.

    Daawa (Islamic worker) training
    Training at zonal level that is aimed at individuals with potential and commitment to works for daawa. Among those invited to conduct the programs are leaders of Islamic movements, ulamas, together with MISG leadership.

    Symposium and seminars
    From time to time, symposiums and seminars are held in zones to create awareness of the Ummah (nation), with emphasis on current issues.

    Group meeting
    Discussion group are created on the campus level to build individuals with taqwa in their hearts. Under the leadership of naqib (facilitator), group members strive to attain a higher understanding of Islam,through spiritual and physical exercises. Among the activities conducted,other than weekly discussions, recreational including sports and camping, and also ibadah such as reciting of Quran, Qiamul Lail (night prayer) and group fasting. MISG support this group by supplying materials for discussion and books. We have our own registered chat room in the IRC undernet. This chat room is a place for members to discuss about certain topics and also our programs. Mainly, this chat room is to keep the relationship tight among the members.

    Publications and other Activities

    TITIAN FITRAH newsletter
    Periodically, MISG produces TITIAN FITRAH newsletter to be distributed among registered recipients. The newsletter provides articles on Islamic issues, and update of MISG programs.

    Electronic Mailing Network
    MISG operates two electronic networks that is open for subscription to the public. The MISG-Net is open to all male and female subscribers, while HELWA-Net is open only to females. Through these open channels, members have the chance to discuss matters concerning the Ummah. The channels also act as an information exchange media.

    MISG HELWA (Women Affairs)
    HELWA is a sub-organization to MISG that was established at the same time MISG was born. HELWA provides a platform for women to be active in organization beside the opportunity to grasp the goals of the Islamic movement. In addition to its participation in MISG programs, HELWA maintains its own agenda that includes seminars and training programs at campus and zone levels, welfare and counselling for women and children. At the peak of their annual agenda is the Women Symposium, held to discuss and debate the position of women in the society today.
    Besides the above mentioned programs, MISG leadership (national and zonal) also organize intercampus visits to strengthen ukhuwah (brotherhood) between members. For campuses without naqibs, MISG provides teleconference discussion groups.

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